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Welcome to Uncompromised Talk!

This podcast is about one thing: helping each of us live our lives on our own terms — to live uncompromised — for you and for a better world.


As the old adage goes: The truth shall set you free. This podcast is about us discovering truth —and doing something with it, to set ourselves free to live uncompromised.

Jan 2, 2018

This episode is great if you have, had or plan on having kids! My guest Vicki Hoefle is a beast; she’s easy going yet clear about both the general philosophy for how to be successful as a parent while giving specific advice for how to handle a number of challenging circumstances.

I loved this conversation for a number of reasons but a couple things stood out:

  • Of course, her wisdom is relevant for parents — or those who engage with children but also for engaging anyone else.
  • When Vicki talked about kids’ (human’s) natural compulsion toward independence, freedom … autonomy and their desire to be “left” to do their thing and even show you that they can be independent and do good things — which every great parent wants.

I hope you enjoy Uncompromised Vicki Hoefle!

You can find Vicki at:

On Twitter: @vickihoefle

Instagram: vickihoefleparenting

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