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Welcome to Uncompromised Talk!

This podcast is about one thing: helping each of us live our lives on our own terms — to live uncompromised — for you and for a better world.


As the old adage goes: The truth shall set you free. This podcast is about us discovering truth —and doing something with it, to set ourselves free to live uncompromised.

Jan 29, 2018

Bang! Kick-ass conversation with Jayson Krause –Canadian national bobsled champ, author (52 People), leadership strategist, creator of Science Behind Success™ … and more cool stuff. As far as people in the personal/professional growth business who are the real-deal, Jayson is one. Every time we talk I learn something I can use to make my life better. I know you will too.

What I loved about this conversation is that Jayson gave a strong scientific argument/context for the need to be disciplined and goal-driven. It’s amazing how impactful it is when one understands what goes on inside of when we’re creating or breaking habits.

Myelin? Ever hear of it? Yeah, you need to. Epigenetics? Memes? “Viruses?” … and being personally responsible for each of those things?

Enjoy, Monsieur/Madame Uncompromised.

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