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Welcome to Uncompromised Talk!

This podcast is about one thing: helping each of us live our lives on our own terms — to live uncompromised — for you and for a better world.


As the old adage goes: The truth shall set you free. This podcast is about us discovering truth —and doing something with it, to set ourselves free to live uncompromised.

Jan 22, 2018

Jonathan Pageau – What a great conversation! I love his insightfulness, wisdom and directness. One of only a few traditional Christian iconographers around the world, he’s also an expert in Christian symbolism and its application to the world in general. You have to check out his engravings (see link below) —they’re simply stunning.

We started talking about the “new” concept of “my truth” vs. or alongside The Truth. He talked about how our intuitions, thoughts, emotions and our balancing of these things becomes our integrity. He also covered the idea that we need to introduce a bit of chaos in life (or society) to keep it from expressing itself in more destructive ways in our lives/society.

This is one of those conversations that I could have continued for another couple hours. I hope you enjoy it!


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